Sunday, February 24, 2019

Database Monitoring Script Is Now HTMLized

Now dbalarm script for database and server monitoring has its vast majority E-mail alerts in HTML format. This will give the E-mail alerts a friendly look when you check them from your mobile.

For instance, instead of receiving a locked session E-mail alert in TEXT format like this:

You will receive the E-mail alert in HTML format like below:

The script will automatically check if "sendmail" package that sends the emails in HTML format is installed or not on your server, if installed you will receive the email alerts in HTML format, otherwise it will automatically revert to the text format version. you may think it's a small feature, but this feature alone cost me days of coding to make it work :-)

To download the script follow this link:

If you are not yet familiar with dbalarm script and want to understand how to use it and what it does, please follow this link:

If you have any concern, suggestion or something didn't work for you please let me know.

Monday, February 18, 2019

New Database Administration Bundle | DBA_BUNDLE 5.0

DBA_BUNDLE5 is now available for download:

It comes with the Following new features:
  • Database monitoring script [dbalarm] can perform the following additional tasks:
    • Monitor ASM instance Alert log and report the errors.
    • Monitor Grid Infrastructure Alert log and report errors and the following events:
      • Shutdown/Startup events.
      • Node eviction events.
      • Network IP conflict.
      • Heart Beat failures.
      • service failure events. 
    • Monitor Golden Gate log [If installed] for Errors and Process ABENDED events.
    •  Monitor dmesg log [Device Driver messages] for errors.
  • The bundle main "environment setup" script [aliases_DBA_BUNDLE] can locate and create aliases for:
    • ASM instance alert log. [asmalert alias]
    • Grid Infrastructure/Clusterware alert log. [raclog alias]
    • GRID_BASE and GRID_HOME locations.
  • Fixed minor bugs in many scripts along with enhancing the capability of the rest of scripts to work smoothly on different environments.
To learn more about DBA BUNDLE and its features, please follow this link: