Wednesday, May 17, 2023

First Oracle Developer Release 23c

 Oracle has released its first Developer release 23c, targeting developers by offering them a free database to explore and develop applications on it. This step came very late comparing to a database vendor like Microsoft SQL Server who is already having their developer edition long time back. But to come late is better than never! I saw many developers before favoring to run their application on SQL Server because they were having the option of free database having full features available to test and develop their code on. Yes, Before this Developer Edition, Oracle was having Express Edition which was free too but with limited functionalities.

Please note that Oracle 23 Developer edition is free of cost, and for testing purpose only for the sake of developing codes or exploring the new database features, and hence it's not supported and shouldn't be used for production use. The commercial release of Oracle 23c will be officially announced later in the next 12 months.

Download Oracle 23c Free Developer Release from this link:

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