Monday, November 23, 2020

DBA Bundle 6.0

 The 6th version of DBA Bundle is now available:

After opening the link click on the Down Arrow on the right side:

The new features include:

sql_tune.sql script can display the SQL PLAN BASELINE Details for SQL statement. It allows the user to fix an EXECUTION PLAN by creating a new BASELINE. Also enables the user to fix an EXECUTION PLAN inside an already exist BASELINE. script can report audit records on SYS.AUD$ table including failed login attempts and DMLs/DDLs. The user can control the activities that can be reported. It will recommend the user to create an index on sys.idx_ntimestamp# in order to boost the execution time of the script. script can show the locks in the database in a user-friendly output. script can reset a user's password using enhanced password algorithm.

Minor updates and bug fixes added to the following scripts: ... Generates daily health check report for databases ... Setup aliases for the bundle's scripts in the environment ... export data ... generate an Oradebug report ... show the value of a visible/hidden parameter or for all non-default parameters.


In case you are new to the DBA Bundle, please visit the below link to understand its functions and how it works:

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