Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Goldengate ports to allow between Source & Target

 I'm getting this question frequently and hence thought to write it in a separate post:

Question: What are the Ports you need to Allow for goldengate to Work between Source & Target?

Answer: You need to allow the following range of ports between Source and Target with bidirectional option in order for goldengate to work:

First check if parameter DYNAMICPORTLIST is being used, it's specifying the list of ports which goldengate is using, then you can allow the firewall for this list plus port 7809.

 For example, if the parameter is specifying the list of ports in this fashion:

 Then you need to open the firewall between source and target for the following port:

Ports from range 7820 to 7830 plus individual ports 7833, 7835 along with port 7809 which is the default port for the Manager process.

If parameter DYNAMICPORTLIST is not configured to define the range of ports goldengate will use, then goldengate will use ports randomly from a range starting from port 7819 up to port 12818 along with port 7809 which is being used by the manager process.


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