Thursday, September 1, 2022

DBA BUNDLE 7.2 [Septemper 2022]

 Since a while I didn't release the new version of the DBA BUNDLE, each time I promote a new feature a new feature comes to my mind which makes me delay the announcement until I promote the new feature, I was in this loop since the last release announcement in Jan this year. Still there are many new features still in development cycle will come soon! Stay tuned 😊

Once you click on the link, first close this Window:

Then, click on the Download button at the most upper right side of the page:

 If DBA Bundle is a new thing to you, please visit the below link to understand its functions and how it works:

In case the Dropbox website is blocked in your network, or you cannot copy files directly to the server you want to operate the DBA Bundle from, then follow this small trick:

1- On the target machine, create a new empty file with name DBA_BUNDLE7.txt:
     # touch
2- Open below link and Copy its content (Ctrl+a then Ctrl+c) and paste it to DBA_BUNDLE7.txt file 
3- Execute this command to convert the text file to a tar file:
     # LC_ALL=C tr -cd 0-9a-fA-F < DBA_BUNDLE7.txt | xxd -r -p > DBA_BUNDLE7.tar

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