Thursday, June 9, 2022

The Startup of DB on a cloned server Is taking Long Time


After cloning a new DB server from an AMI backup starting up the data on the newly cloned server takes very long time.


The listener.ora file was referring to the right hostname, but when checking /etc/hosts, I found that the new cloned server is still having the old IP of the original server it got cloned from. Although the new cloned server is having different IP address, the System Admin has forgotten to modify /etc/hosts with the new IP.

Having a wrong IP in /etc/hosts not reflecting the real IP assigned to the NIC device is known to slow down the startup of any DB on the machine.


Either you update the right IP in the listener.ora (instead of the hostname) for each listener, or better update the right IP in /etc/hosts file one time to reflect the actual server IP.

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