Friday, March 11, 2022

What Happen If The Grid Infrastructure Installation GUI Crashed before Reaching Finish Page


 What will happen if the Grid Infrastructure Installer crash before reaching the "Finish" page and after running on all RAC nodes?


First, check the installation log file:


If you don't find errors in the logfile, and it ends by the following records, then your installation probably finished successfully:

Second, to be certainly sure that nothing wrong happened during the installation, verify GI setup by running runcluvfy tool, replacing node1,node2 with your actual name of your cluster nodes:

# $GRID_HOME/ stage  -post hwos  -n node1,node2  -verbose

All verifications should be flagged with "...PASSED"

In case some verifications are flagged with "FAILED" then rather than troubleshooting them one by one, it's better to save the time and cleanup the installation following below post and re-do the installation again:

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