Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Major Update to Database Health Check Report Script

 New features was added to the Health Check script including:

- Display the in-active (dormant) DB accounts in the report:

By default, it will show the accounts that don't have any login attempts for more than 45 days, but you still can tweak it in the script under the Thresholds section:


- Audit related data will be shown in the report by default:

Certainly this will increase the script execution time especially if you have a big sys.aud$ table, you still can control this behavior by enabling or disabling audit record settings in the script:



Please note that audit record setting enables/disables the extraction of the following audit data:

- Failed Login Attempts in the last 24Hours.
- Audit records in the last 24Hours.
- Fine Grained Auditing Data.
- Dormant accounts.

You can download the script from this link:

Here you can find the original post which explains the script in details:

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