Thursday, December 17, 2020

systemd: Unit awscsrdb.mount is bound to inactive unit dev-nvme8n1.device. Stopping, too


When trying to mount a volume using the following command nothing get mounted:

# mount UUID="364d1013-aa7c-4c27-8ce4-60af14577b3b" /awscsrdb

But I found this error in /var/log/messages:


After the storage admin cleaned up and deleted some volumes on the same server, I was unable to mount the above mentioned volume, due to the scramble of volume names that happened after. While I was trying to mount the device using its UUID, its current name is vnme6n1 while in the error message I can see it was keep referring to the old name of the volume which was vnme8n1 before the volume clean up activity.


1- Re-create the mount point:

# rm -rf /awscsrdb

# mkdir /awscsrdb

2- Run this command: [To refresh the filesystem dependency tree, without the need to reboot the system]

# systemctl daemon-reload

3- Mount the volume again:

# mount UUID="364d1013-aa7c-4c27-8ce4-60af14577b3b" /awscsrdb

Note: It's always recommended to mount the filesystem using its UUID which you can get it using blkid command; e.g. blkid /dev/nvme6n1
You still can mount the device using the device label name under /dev which you can get it from fdisk -l command:
e.g. mount  /dev/nvme6n1  /awscsrdb

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