Monday, October 5, 2020

New Sections in 19c AWR In Comparison With 11g's AWR

AWR report in 19c is packed up with many new sections. In this post I'll highlight the new sections comparing with 11g's AWR report.

Starting with "Report Summary" sections:

- Top ADDM Findings: 

- TOP 10 Foreground Wait Events: (Instead of TOP 5 in 11g)

- Wait classes: (new table)


- IO Profile (new table)


- Recovery Progress: [In case the report is taken from a Standby DB]

- In-Memory Area new item (Cache Size)

Moving to "Main Report" section:

Drilling down to each of these brand-new sections:

Goldengate related statistics are now available in the AWR: 

AQ's stats are new in AWR as well:

And here is the nice part, in 19c the ASH report is now embedded inside the AWR report, whereas you don't have to generate ASH reports separately anymore

Same like ASH, ADDM report is also available:

That's not all; there is still some minor new details in the 19c's AWR report I didn't cover in this post to make it briefed.

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