Monday, February 17, 2020


New features in Bundle 5.6 script: For exporting data has been completely re-coded to come with the following new features:

- Execution of the export will run in the background "nohup mode".
- Ability to exclude multiple schemas and tables from Full Database Export mode.
- You can provide multiple schemas to export in the Schema Export mode.
- Ability to exclude multiple tables from Schema Export mode.

- You can export multiple tables in Table Export mode.
- Ability to COMPRESS the dump file on the fly for all LEGACY export modes.

  [This eliminates the need of compressing the dump file after the export operation, the thing will save the disk space]
- Parallelism option section will pop-up to the user only if the database edition supports parallelism [i.e. Enterprise Edition]

- Both Data Pump and Legacy export will use FLASHBACK SCN to export the data in a consistent state which is beneficial in cases such as
  replicating tables using Goldengate or Oracle Streams.
- By the end of the Export operation the user will receive an Email notification [optional].

Bug fixes applied on the following scripts: script: for rebuilding tables online. script: For gathering the baseline info for OS & DB. script: for generating Health Check report on the DB.

To download the DBA Bundle latest version:

For more reading on what this bundle for and how to use it:

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