Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Monitoring Failed RMAN Backup Jobs in dbalarm Shell Script

dbalarm script is now capable of monitoring RMAN backup failures. Just make sure to adjust the interval of the following parameter (in minutes) to the same execution interval of dbalarm.sh in your crontab.

e.g. If you are scheduling dbalarm.sh script to run every 5 minutes in the crontab, the following parameter should be set to 5
LAST_MIN_BKP_CHK=5      # REPORT RMAN Backup FAILURE in the last N MINUTES. Should be similar to the crontab execution interval of dbalarm script. [DB]

By default, dbalarm.sh script will monitor RMAN backup failure, in case you want to change this behavior and stop this feature for any reason, just set the following parameter to N
CHKRMANBKP=N           # Enable/Disable Checking of RMAN Backup FAILURE.      [DB]

To download dbalarm script:

To read more about dbalarm script:

Thanks to Rahul Malode who recommended adding this feature.

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