Thursday, May 17, 2018

DBA Bundle v4.3 Is Now Released

Version 4.3 is now available. It's packed up with the following features:

New Scripts: For monitoring goldengate LAG, more details:

New Enhancements:
- script for gathering statistics can now run in the background (nohup mode).
- Paranoid mode feature has been added to script for reporting EXPORT/IMPORT, ALTER SYSTEM, ALTER DATABASE, instance STARTUP/SHUTDOWN and other DB Major activities, for more details on this feature:
- script for cleaning up database & listener logs is now giving the option to the user to archive Audit Log files as well.
- Added more parameters to (HTML version) to let the user have more control over the report contents (e.g. including/excluding SQL Tuning Advisor, Memory Advisor, Segment Advisor, Job details and credentials changes results in/from the health check report).

To download DBA Bundle v4.3:

To read the full article about the bundle features and how to use it:

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