Wednesday, February 28, 2018

DBA Bundle V4.1 Released

DBA Bundle V4.1 is now released with the following new scripts: Backup Controlfile as (Trace/RMAN BKP), Backup SPFILE and Generate AWR for full day This script can be scheduled in the crontab to run once a day. Script options/variables must be modified to match your environment. New Starting from V4.1 Kill all queries running longer than 2.5 Hours(can be customized inside the script) by specific modules (to be specified inside the script)
This script can be scheduled in the crontab. Script options/variables MUST be modified to get the killing criteria match your requirements. New Starting from V4.1 If you have a standby DB then you can use this script on Primary DB site to report to you any LAG happens between the primary and the standby DB.
The variables section at the top of the script must be populated by you to match your environment or the script will not be able to run.
This script can be scheduled in the crontab to run every 5 minutes. New Starting from V4.1
This link will show you how to use this script:

Many scripts are packed with new features like:

SQLPLUS is now more friendly for DBAs when invoked using "sql" alias:
It will display the following info when login:
 - Fundamental info about the DB you've connected to.
 - Your current session details (OSPID, SID, SERIAL#).
 - The prompt will show the time, instance_name you're connecting to and the connected user.
This will help you track your session log accurately plus minimize human mistakes.
 - The format of common columns in DBA_* & V$ views will be well fitted in your display.

To download DBA Bundle V4.1: [Feb 2018]

To visit the main article that explains all bundle features in details, and download the latest updated DBA Bundle version:

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