Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Oracle Database Health Check Report In HTML Format

Update: This post is considered obsolete, the main script can now send the report in either HTML/TEXT format, please refer to the original post:

If you don't have "sendmail" package installed on your Linux OS then this post will help you out.

I've got numerous requests asking to make the original health check report script to send its report in HTML format. In this post, I'll explain how to do so.

1- Download sendEmail executables which will allow the script to send the report as an attachment:

2- Extract sendEmail package files under the home directory of the Oracle software Owner e.g. /home/oracle:
# cd /home/oracle
# tar xvf sendEmail-v1.56.tar

3- Download the HTML version of Oracle Health Check Report script:

Open the script with "vi" editor and replace "youremail@yourcompany.com" with your right email address at line# 90:

Please note that due to the limitation of the HTML options in OS commands, I've excluded some checks from being reported by this script [HTML version], like: Local File system & Cluster ware Service.

In case you don't like the HTML version and want to use the text based version [I encourage you to do so :-)] please visit the original post and download the text-based output version of this script:


  1. It looks good. thx

    This can be modified in such a way that its a centralized report in which all the oracle servers will be monitored.

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  3. Thanks for sharing this great article

  4. can some one provide info on how to run this script?

  5. can some one provide info on how to run this script in Sun Solaris ?

  6. Hi Mahmmad , can we get a new link for SendMail program plz ?

    1. You don't have to use it anymore, use the latest script which uses mail or postfix, whichever available on your server: