Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Introduction To a Great Tool: RAC Configuration Audit Tool (RAC & DB Health Check & MAA Check)

RAC Configuration Audit Tool 

This tool is a script provided by Oracle to help you perform a Health Check on your Database environment (specially RAC environments), it also checks the implementation of Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) on your environment.

This tool is very helpful specially for DBAs who deal with a lot of environments, it gives them a very fast and easy way to perform health checks on the database environments plus easing their job to identify and implement MAA recommendations.

This script (tool) can run on a currently running production environment [10gr2 onward], it will create a report at the end, giving you a system health scorecard plus the failed/passed items and recommendations.

For all information about this tool + download visit METALINK [Doc ID 1268927.1]

Now I'll provide a very brief explanation of the main functions of that tool.

After downloading the zip file available in METALINK [Doc ID 1268927.1], extract it under a local mount point e.g. /home/oracle, then run the script:

# cd /home/oracle
# ./raccheck

=> Provide the root user password/ or select to use sudo privilege, to use SUDO privilege without password do the following in a new session:
# visudo
#Allow oracle to run script:
oracle ALL=(root) NOPASSWD:/tmp/

=>/tmp/ will be created during running raccheck, after script is done it will  be deleted.

-> Go to raccheck session and Enter 2 to run the script with SUDO privilege.

* Once script is done it will create an HTML report, upload it to your PC and open it.
* Script may take from 15 to 30min to finish with a minimal performance overhead from 3% to 20%
* Feel free to remove/Hash the entry you added to sudoers file after script is done.

Note that time by time Oracle release a new version of this script, it's recommended to download the latest version of that script every three months.

Extra Features:
In case you don't have a DATAGUARD and want to discard it from the health&MAA checks:
# ./raccheck -m

In case you want to do a comparison between two reports, provide the reports directories name:
# ./raccheck -diff raccheck_cetrain01_ORCL_020813_105850 raccheck_cetrain01_ORCL_022713_163238

In case you want to upgrade to, this automate pre and post checks:
# ./raccheck -u -o pre

That was a very brief explanation for RAC Configuration Audit Tool, the full documentation is available in METALINK [Doc ID 1268927.1].

In case you are looking for a script to report to you databases health check status on a regular basis, please visit:

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