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srvctl: For Database and Instances:

Start / Stop a RAC database:
srvctl start database -d  database_name -o open

srvctl stop database -d 
database_name  -o immediate

Start / Stop a RAC instance:
srvctl start instance-d  database_name  -i instance_name-o open

srvctl stop instance-d 
database_name  -i instance_name -o immediate

Start/stop nodeapps:
srvctl start nodeapps -n node_name

srvctl stop nodeapps -n node_name

To add a database/instance to RAC cluster:
srvctl add database -d 
 database_name -o <ORACLE_HOME>
srvctl add instance -d  database_name  -i  instance_name -n  node_name

Start / Stop the Listener:
srvctl start listener –l listener_name –n 

srvctl stop listener –l listener_name –n node_name 

To add a node:
srvctl add nodeapps -n
 node_name   -A VIP_NAME | IP

Start/stop asm:
srvctl start asm -n  node_name 

srvctl stop asm -n  node_name 

To prevent a database from starting at boot time:
srvctl disable database -d database_name 

srvctl status service -d database_name 

CRSCTL: Resources and Nodes:

To Stop all RAC resources on the node you step on it: (By root user)
crsctl stop crs

To Start all RAC resources:(By root user)
crsctl start crs

Check RAC status:
crs_stat -t

Crs health check:
crsctl check crs

Clusterware version:
crsctl query crs softwareversion
crsctl query crs activeversion

Prevent the CRS from starting at boot time:
crsctl stop crs --> (On the failing node) will stop CRS.

crsctl disable crs  -->(On the failing node) Will disable crs from starting next reboot.

After you fix the problem re-enable the CRS on the node to let it start after rebooting the OS:

# crsctl enable crs

Voting disks:

Voting Disks are for Disk Heartbeat, which are essential in the detection and resolution of cluster "split brain" situation.

Backing up Vote disks:
In 10g this can be done while the CRS is running: 10g
# dd if=voting_disk_name  of=backup_file_name

In 11g you must shutdown the CRS: 11g
# crsctl stop crs (On all nodes)

# dd if=voting_disk_name  of=backup_file_name

Note: Don't use copy command "cp" use "dd" command only.

When to back up vote disks:
You do not have to back up the voting disk every day. Back up only in the following cases:

-After RAC installation.
-After add or delete a node on the cluster.
-After adding or removing a votedisk using CRSCTL command.

Note: 11gR2 Voting disks contents are backed up automatically in OCR, you're not required to manually backup the Voting disks.

Check Voting Disk:
# crsctl query css votedisk

Restore votedisks:  (By root user)

Case of losing all of votedisks:
1-Shutdown CRS: (On all Nodes)
- ---------------
# crsctl stop crs

2-Locate the current location of the Votedisks:
- -----------------------------------------
# crsctl query css votedisk

3-Restore all votedisks from a previous good backup taken by "dd" command: (On One node only)
- -----------------------------------------------------------------------
# dd if=Votedisk_backup_file  of=Votedisk_file   <<-- do this for all the votedisks.

4-Start CRS: (On all Nodes)
- ------------
# crsctl start crs

Case of losing ONE voting disk:

1-Start the clusterware in exclusive mode: (On One node only)
- --------------------------------------------------------
# crsctl start crs -excl

2-Retrieve the list of voting disks currently defined: -if found-
- ---------------------------------------------------
# crsctl query css votedisk

##  STATE    File Universal Id                File Name Disk group
--  -----    -----------------                --------- ---------
 1. ON     938e3a4fd41a4f5bbf8d0d5c676aca9a ( /oracle/ORCL/voting/voting_01.dbf) []
 2. ON       99f4b4f7d65f4f05bf237ad06c52b65a ( /oracle/ORCL/voting/voting_02.dbf) []
 3. OFF      0578603d0f6b4f21bfb2eb22ae82f00d ( /oracle/ORCL/voting/voting_03.dbf) []

This list may be empty if all voting disks were corrupted, or "STATE" will be "3" or "OFF".

3-Delete the corrupted voting disks:
- ------------------------------
# crsctl delete css votedisk  /oracle/ORCL/voting/voting_03.dbf

Note: You can also use the "File Universal Id" instead of the full path:

=It is not recommended to use "-force" attribute to add or delete a voting disk while the Clusterware is running. This is known to corrupt the OCR (no errors will appear but will cause node eviction).
=The "-force" attribute can be safely used ONLY if the Clusterware is stopped on all the nodes of the cluster.

4- Add the voting disks again:
- ------------------------
First: touch the corrupted file:
# touch  /oracle/ORCL/voting/voting_03.dbf

Second: Add the touched file to votedisk list:
# crsctl add css votedisk /oracle/ORCL/voting/voting_03.dbf

Note: You can copy a good votedisk to the corrupted one, you can use links to back up locations to save time.

Restart the clusterware:
# crsctl stop crs -f   --> -f because we started it in exclusive mode.
# crsctl start crs     --> On both Nodes.

OCR disks:

OCR disks hold the clusterware configuration information (Nodes info, registered resources,databases,instances ,listeners,services,.....etc), It's somehow similar to the "Registry" in Windows OS.

Checking OCR disks:(As root user)
# ocrcheck

Backup OCR:
Oracle automatically backup the OCR files every 4 hours, you can check these backup files location by using this command:

# ocrconfig -showbackup

Backup OCR to export file:(Logical backup) (By root user)
# ocrconfig -export Export_File_Name

Restore OCR Disks:

Restore OCR from automatic backups being taken every 4 hours:  (By root user)
# crsctl stop crs  -> On all RAC nodes.

# ocrconfig -restore /CRS_HOME/cdata/CLUSTER_NAME/xxxx.ocr   -> From one node only.

# crsctl start crs   -> On all RAC nodes.

Restore OCR from export file been taken manually using "ocrconfig -export" command:  (By root user)
# crsctl stop crs  -> On all RAC nodes.

# ocrconfig -import /backupdisk/xxxx.dmp  -> On one RAC node only.

# crsctl start crs ->On all RAC nodes.


Check if a database is RAC or not:

SQL> show parameter CLUSTER_DATABASE;


SQL> set serveroutput on;
IF dbms_utility.is_cluster_database THEN
dbms_output.put_line('Running in SHARED/RAC mode.');
dbms_output.put_line('Running in EXCLUSIVE mode.');

Check the active instance and its Host:


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